Kenyan forum: Other - GARISA CAMPUS ATTACK
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3 Apr 2015 11:47

what is your message to the people? What is your say on terrorism? How should we stop this

3 Apr 2015 12:10

poleni wakenya kwa jumla.i condemn there coward acts.

3 Apr 2015 12:22

y olwayz kenya?amjajiuliza kw nn izo nch zngne azi atakiwi??

3 Apr 2015 14:00

R.i. P, condem the act n secure every part of kenya as we avoid the word 'hot spots'

3 Apr 2015 14:09

condolences to the believed en quick recovery to the for the al_shabab may Jehovah intervene en guard our kenya...

3 Apr 2015 14:16

Enywe y kenya twasema kwama victims Poleni xana

3 Apr 2015 14:25

R I P N Pole sana may GOD 4give alsaababu 4 Dng. may GOD THEIR MAID Badala ya kukam kushot wakam kupeana neno la Mungu

3 Apr 2015 14:27

Heartily sorry 4 the bereaved families

3 Apr 2015 14:51


3 Apr 2015 15:50

Nachukua fursa hii kwaniaba ya mtandao wetu wa mobofree., kuwapa pole wakenya wenzangu,ndugu,jamaa na marafiki wa familia hatirika na taifa zima la kenya kwa ujumla nasema poleni sana kwamkasa huo nasi tupamoja nanyi wakti huu wa huzni(maombolezi)...mwenyezi mungu azilaze roho zao mahali pema penye wema AMIIN

3 Apr 2015 19:30
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3 Apr 2015 19:34

This killings must be stoped kenyans. g

3 Apr 2015 19:36

may God punish them

3 Apr 2015 19:46

here is my condolences to the pple wh hv been directly affected and Kenya as a whole bt am also worried by wht now hv become the norm in Kenya.our problem iz we Kenyans are Hippocrates coz why not Ethiopia

3 Apr 2015 20:45

This Is Simple & Clear, The Attackers R Open N Clear; According 2 Vyombo Vya Habari, "they Say They Want Kenyan Millitary Troops To B Taken Out Of Somalia", I As A Kenyan Citizen, N 4 The Sake Of Ma Fellow Innocent Kenyans, If Our Presint Loves His Citizen Lives, Then Am Sure He Is Going To Take Mbinu Muafaka Ili Kutuokoa.

3 Apr 2015 21:02

Its Sooo Sadful That Ua Religeon Does Not Recognise Ua Fellow Human Being As Part Of How God Wanted U To Live In The Same Unirverse. I Do Strongly Trust That A Real N True Religion From God Is The One Which Understands That We Al Belong 2 The Same Father"(GOD). MUNGU ANA NGUVU ZAIDI YA BINADAMU HAITAJI KUPIGANIWA NA BIN ADAN YEYOTE NO MATTER HOW POWERFULL THE MAN IZ. Otherwize Poleni Sana Familia Zilizoathiriwa. We R With U Indeed & In Al Our Hearts.

4 Apr 2015 01:14

These guys a clear why they a doing wateva they a doing so our prezo should remove those soldiers or else 2tamalizwa.

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4 Apr 2015 01:17

is that what islam teaches?

4 Apr 2015 01:28

Guys dont be stupid, islam is not something new to u and if u want to know about islam find a muslim because the motive of the crooks called alshabab is clear for everyone to see

4 Apr 2015 05:03
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