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3 Apr 2015 07:23

If you love somebody like your boyfriend or girlfriend ed don't respond to show you back? What action will you do??

3 Apr 2015 14:50

i wld lve her alone & fnd xmone else

3 Apr 2015 19:42

Rem It Is So Painful Someone That Cant Luv U Bak.I Beta Quit And Decid Tu B Alone Coz It Means He Onl Taks Me For Nothng

3 Apr 2015 21:11

I love myself too much to let someone take me for granted. I just walk away from her n look for someone better who can appreciate me for who I am.

4 Apr 2015 07:48

Y go 4 a forced relationship wen not ready 4 one.

4 Apr 2015 20:13

Am no so sure,,

4 Apr 2015 20:26

Gve de hell out

4 Apr 2015 22:53

Kuumuacha c suluhisho:p,dawa ni kupalilia pnz nizid nawiri kuelewana nako kwaja

6 Apr 2015 16:04

quit with emmediate effect

6 Apr 2015 17:59

am xo pretty to force maself on someone...

7 Apr 2015 00:31

We do not buy a chiken 'feets istead of nyama kuku?

7 Apr 2015 07:04

jaz kol face to face, ask ka kuna feelings, if noo then quit

7 Apr 2015 20:04

Jst quit

7 Apr 2015 20:17

of cox ua self ix juxt like temple xo ka ana play gem ya paka na panya i ily appcite to quit and take me to ua mahabara

7 Apr 2015 20:24

apo naye kuna monster wa mpango wa kando or kulikuwa na bond ya fedha btw u na imeisha or any