Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Heartbreaken by the one you love most?
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22 Mar 2014 19:01

Many pple are left by their loved one bcoz of various rzn wc r behold control.wht made ur loverbird 2 leave u?

24 Mar 2014 20:35

i dnt know why bcoz to me i belive that i was faithful enough to her but she walked away from me

24 Mar 2014 20:59

having a kid n not ready 2 b a daddy

27 Mar 2014 11:05

Dont mind kimani if she had true love 4 u she ll b back.

27 Mar 2014 11:07

He ddnt have true love 4 u if he left u with his kid,relax en get urself another one.