Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - does TRUE LOVE exist in social media?
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29 Mar 2015 21:35

Most of people on social media are not real. I suggest, one can not find True Love over here.

30 Mar 2015 17:41

sure they can...that's how me and my better half met.
not making up stories.the only problem is that there are some who are here to kill time...and the best way they do it,they say they love you and make you beleive it.if you fall for them they are done,they look for a new catch

30 Mar 2015 19:37

maybe u

30 Mar 2015 20:21

You have a point. During your time, pretenders were few but now they have multiplied

30 Mar 2015 22:11

Love is everywhere,it depends where your dice is cast.

30 Mar 2015 22:47

luv is not luv in our days n in social media they r mny idlers who tke luv as a joke just to mke pple laugh or decieve p

30 Mar 2015 23:14

They 'iddler'spaint bad pic on social media

30 Mar 2015 23:23

@Piranah bt do c when u dice through social media..!

31 Mar 2015 10:12

no you cant find true love in social media,,,thats just an irony that most people dont know

31 Mar 2015 10:24

Quote by KazunguSir
@Piranah bt do c when u dice through social media..!

yeah there is,coz there is nowhere whritten this is where you will find your better half not even in ushago.

31 Mar 2015 10:25

if you cant sombody can.

31 Mar 2015 10:46

@Sylvia.You mean, yo change wen on social media? I meet u in the church..another lady, good lady...over mobo..fake &..?

31 Mar 2015 10:48

So it have 2 do with luck?

31 Mar 2015 18:33

Its difficult to find true love in social media

31 Mar 2015 19:01

Difficult but posible

31 Mar 2015 19:12

In it and am doing vry well

31 Mar 2015 19:15

Wow. B blssd

31 Mar 2015 19:42
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31 Mar 2015 19:49


1 Apr 2015 09:57

No it just happen,