Kenyan forum: Phones, gadgets and apps - facebook wants to rule out religious post
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26 Mar 2015 19:24

whats your take?

27 Mar 2015 21:03

its okay with me...those saved people like blackmailing other people to like and comment on their posts using god's name.
ps;like kanyari used god to get money,those suckas use god to get attention.

28 Mar 2015 15:22
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28 Mar 2015 15:28

christianity and religion they are different 1. I also dont like those post they arent scriptural but its people coming up to get more like. A human being has a right to chose they way God has given you the choise

28 Mar 2015 15:37

religion is more of maninupulation christianity i bigger than that

28 Mar 2015 20:04

It kant

29 Mar 2015 05:24

dieyoung havent you seen it was on social sites and technology news

30 Mar 2015 02:30

Basically posts on religion shld in my view b pure thus its appropriate 2 av their own sites dealing mainly wth individual faith.. With fb members av diverse reasons 2 av joined it some genuine while others arent.. So lets not pollute religion by whichever means hence in support of fb doing away wth posts dealing wth religion matters

30 Mar 2015 06:28

thank GOD WE HAVE ** where we can share it was prophecied 5 yr ago that the same wil happen thats why pastor chris organised and we came up with the site. Nothng is stoppin us to preach the gospel this are end times.

30 Mar 2015 07:05

am a member on yookos at its nice creating a group is like having a website so with admin can put adverts