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26 Mar 2015 15:52

explain why you believe in true love

27 Mar 2015 16:32

some.. .bt i dont....its just a belief

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27 Mar 2015 21:15
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27 Mar 2015 21:17

it does...when you finally find the person you need,the heart will tell you.
it's a beautiful feeling you'd wana keep on feeling as long as you live.
i've felt it and i know what it feels to be inlove.

28 Mar 2015 04:01

yees there is so long as the partiner is God's plan to u.

28 Mar 2015 07:26

i do and its becoz i believe in myself first......

28 Mar 2015 20:05

Koz it exist

28 Mar 2015 21:31

yes i do believe it reaches a point when everything is pointless in his/her absence.

28 Mar 2015 21:33

Yea i think true lov comes wen u find the right one for u

28 Mar 2015 22:35

No! i dnt believe everything z abot money

29 Mar 2015 14:04

more views plz

29 Mar 2015 18:36

I don't

29 Mar 2015 20:20

I dont believe it's there... i know it's there

30 Mar 2015 23:19

Yeah,i beliv it exsists cz da only way u cn fl dat is by belivin in da capability of ur hrt 2 fly wthout da fear of eva

30 Mar 2015 23:23

of eva kamin dwn cz if ur afraid 2 lv u'l neva learn hw 2 fly n wateva u beliv in is wat God gv u n wat eva u fear is

30 Mar 2015 23:28

wat lyf n fate smile at ur cowardness 4 belivin u'l alwayz be da victim hence it gets u jst dat whch u thnk u cnt stand

31 Mar 2015 21:56

Mayb, nt yet experiencd dat.

28 Apr 2015 09:55

true love is just a story

28 Apr 2015 11:08

It takes a minute 2 have a crush an hour 2 like someone. N a day 2 love someone. But it takes a lifetime 2 forget someone. So Be in touch

28 Apr 2015 22:44

thea is if only u mit tha ryt dude or chic specifikaly meant 4u