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26 Mar 2015 05:22

Cn one survive wthout mpango wa kando?

26 Mar 2015 11:43
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26 Mar 2015 11:47

i thnk mpango wa kando ts nyc and n the othr hnd,it shw less respect to ur as for guys who like mpango wa kando stay away 4rom me!!!

26 Mar 2015 12:24

yeah,one can do without

26 Mar 2015 12:40

I hav neighbours wth yvs. Thz yvs boast of being in rltnshp wth campus boys. In thz case, even sm ladies hav side partners. Nt only men r to blame.

26 Mar 2015 17:14

what you dont do for him/her...he/she will find somebody who can.
the bigger problem is expecting the perfect spouse,well guess what it doesn't if you are a guy dont make a woman fall for you alafu umchoke,mkubali na mapungufu yake cuz there isn't a perfect being.

26 Mar 2015 18:13


26 Mar 2015 19:06

YES,cant serve two masters at da same tyme.

26 Mar 2015 19:16

Let's face it,mpango wa kando is an African reality.Tupende tusipende.It might not be right,but it's factual.And the truth is,women are complicit.

26 Mar 2015 19:36

Io ni kawaida tu, we unajifanya hauna huo ndo mnoko

26 Mar 2015 19:54

Not a must , its a waste of time and resourses , no true love involved in mpango wa kando , rather than material things

26 Mar 2015 20:24

dat a kawaida thing kama humtoleshi mwenzako

26 Mar 2015 20:36

not a must.b honest to ua partner

26 Mar 2015 21:13

Imagne sitosheki dia..

27 Mar 2015 03:47
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27 Mar 2015 15:55

yes ,kwni wat is ua partna 4?????

27 Mar 2015 18:14

Even BIBLE says....'there is no rightious man no not one'.so even in marriage if is gold the other is plastic.

28 Mar 2015 08:58

its depend how u treat your partna,ukimfanyia kila ki2 hakuna venye atakuwa na mpango wa kando

28 Mar 2015 19:57

Yaa 1 kan savaiv