Kenyan forum: Religion - Kenyan pastors
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18 Mar 2015 18:43

Isnt't amazing the kind of scandles our pastors get involvd in?I thnk we should differentiate spirituality n religion...

19 Mar 2015 20:37

Better to stay @ home

19 Mar 2015 21:18

Wat will fall ontu dhem only thy knows.

20 Mar 2015 09:19

Its no fair 2 judge any individual but sm their behaviours leave alot 2 b desired.. It beta 2 remain faithful 2wards the course of serving tru God.. For those who are decieving God while acting as pastors hole wao

21 Mar 2015 16:07

imagn there were 400prophets of ball and only 1 elijah let pastors who fall determine your going to church you were born alone and wil be judged alone

22 Mar 2015 13:06

I also think we should pray for them rather than be quick to condemn them

23 Mar 2015 12:16

Let ye that counteth himself without blemish cast the first stone.

23 Mar 2015 12:18

God knows the secrets of the dead and judges our thaughts,so no one can deceive him.

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