Kenyan forum: Travel - represent your county
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17 Mar 2015 19:42

tell us in brief about your county somethng that can make us travel there indicate your town too. Am proud to be kenyan i love my county lets go

18 Mar 2015 06:26

mombasa county. Great beaches,great atmosphere,cheap life, welcome to mombasa _tudor

18 Mar 2015 18:38

Embu county.
The county that hits the news with Negative Headlines Only!! Raging 4rm Insane Policeman killing 10 innocent civillians,to political wrangles......impeachments etc etc!
Not 4gettin lots of guys tryin to measure their "Body-weights" wth ropes on tall trees!
WE are NUTTZ by nature!

19 Mar 2015 07:23

i cant stop laughing at this

19 Mar 2015 07:25

what makes people do that

4 Apr 2015 11:41

Ngarih,u r 4getting that the most educated Kenyan citizens cm frm Embu.This is a fact not a myth,one of my mentors Mrs Wambui Gathenya, a former executive sec in th ed min once quoted that

9 Apr 2015 23:13

Not forgettin that the current Speaker of the National Assembly is my neighbour down there.......Kidole cha gumba juu kwa hilo jameni!!