Kenyan forum: Other - Modern dressing in our society.
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1 Mar 2015 10:58

Yes we dress to please ourselves n yes 'my dress my style' but has our dress code changed our values, does it av any effect on our moral standards??

3 Mar 2015 17:15

Nop,not at all

3 Mar 2015 17:58

Some of the so called 'my dress my choice' has eroded some moral standards of African culture.. I believe wearing something decent isnt causing any harm & thats wat most of our ladies should wear.. Wat u put on speaks volume abt uaself

4 Mar 2015 06:08

Its you're values that determine your dressing and also to a large extent the boundaries set for you as a child determines how you dress.

4 Mar 2015 06:12

African culture my foot. Traditionally african communities almost wore nothing but they had atrict value systems passed down from generation to generation. If you want to blame anyone, blame ourselves for allowing our minds to be colonized by what's foreign and what's in hollywood. Lets face it we consume what we watch on telly

4 Mar 2015 20:29

I c ua dres kod,i no ua karakta n wat kind of ua mama is ,

5 Mar 2015 11:38

I thnk westernisation has poisoned our minds n morals wen it comes to our dresscode, tha more we try to keep up with tha trendin n daily changin dress code tha more we stray frm our moral standards.

5 Mar 2015 11:47

Lets talk tha truth tha rate of immorality in our youths n teenagers has risen n our dress code has playd a very big part in that cz for sure we admire wat we see. Most of us r adventurous n curious we always want to knw wat lies ahead, so wen a half naked woman or man 4 dat matter passes near a teenager chances r the teen wil definatly want to knw more abt wat he/she has seen.

5 Mar 2015 12:51

te outfit in the market alxo plays part in tis its lyk te designers forgot what decency is..

6 Mar 2015 10:56

Ipersonaly dress to look smart and decent.Decent dressing code can earn you alot.Ihate women in funny trousers and tops

6 Mar 2015 13:19

thats why there different dress codes. if micro-minis n dresses aint good then they shud not b sold in kenya. u wear according to the occasion. dont judge by dressing