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17 Feb 2015 00:08

Looking for serious relationship. Want to marry.

17 Feb 2015 18:45

Men due t wat i psd thru n vlntns day i dnt think there s crias rltnship n u blv it ma galfren cmn to ma place twende outin na amechora tatoo ya jina ya jamaa mwingne n ha hand!!!aky i nw hate lv xo guys lts jst buy sex than fln n lv

17 Feb 2015 18:54


17 Feb 2015 19:36

True love its nt like O2 thats available 2 any.It wl need astrugle to av true one.

18 Feb 2015 22:13

true love doesnt exist

18 Feb 2015 22:15

it does exist if u trust in God coz he's love!pray hard!

18 Feb 2015 22:23

It's not easy,, bt put God first,, and it will all work out

18 Feb 2015 22:29

if u say its nt easy,thn try to look back to our parents coz they lived to b 2getha upto now!were our parents different frm us?

19 Feb 2015 01:31

Everything has got its ups and downs. As you wait for true love, others are making babies and moving on!

19 Feb 2015 07:15

True love is like a butterfly. You can spend your entire life chasing after it and fail to get it in your hands. The same butterfly can rest on your shoulder while you are seated somewhere on a rock. True love comes when it comes, not because you sought or fought for it as many take it to be. Its a divine connection between two souls from God.

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19 Feb 2015 07:19

True love exist n yes its a divine connection all you need is to pray hard

19 Feb 2015 07:34

Useems to b correct in btwn two souls

19 Feb 2015 08:04
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19 Feb 2015 10:29
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19 Feb 2015 10:35
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19 Feb 2015 10:38

Nt in every, thats nt love bt lust

19 Feb 2015 14:34

love sucks

19 Feb 2015 14:39

Exactly my dear sister.

19 Feb 2015 14:43

love is wat you mek it to be... just as life

19 Feb 2015 18:29

Mmmmmh..... tricky.