Kenyan forum: Politics - Jubilee govt good or bad?
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15 Mar 2014 08:33

Its now one year down the line what can u say about the leadership of the jubilee government?

15 Mar 2014 13:08

it iz a nice gvmnt we realy have but it has quite problems and alot of opposers.

15 Mar 2014 14:00

Kimani are u sure its a nice gvnment? Support your ans

15 Mar 2014 14:48

Bt the incumbent govermnt must av opposers so as 2 keep it on its toes.. We as hustlers r yet 2 c any concrete benefit while also the soaring of prices in relation 2 basic commodities

15 Mar 2014 22:20

Freezer now ur toking the prices are so high

15 Mar 2014 22:43

hey we hauja nyakua youth funds i have benefited by seting my own projects.and it have created jobs for yung yuts

16 Mar 2014 07:47

Lance hizo youth funds zinapatikana wapi ama wasee wa central pekee ndio wanapewa

16 Mar 2014 11:28

Non of the promises have been fulfilled

16 Mar 2014 21:12

no its not in central pekee it al over the counties known as uwezo funds launched by our prezo in 2013

16 Mar 2014 21:17

hey andres exprore to know and see.dont be domant

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16 Mar 2014 22:08

I have gone to our county offices bt the uwezo fund isnt available kwani inapatwa wapi?

17 Mar 2014 04:53
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17 Mar 2014 06:24

Its bad. The leaderz told us that they led by dark forces

17 Mar 2014 10:02

acha pang'ang'a ujitegemee bna,diz country wont hlp ue.hlp uaslf guyz

17 Mar 2014 15:04

Just bad. Corrptn. Lk at rail & laptop. They are not 4 devolution.

17 Mar 2014 18:18

Thz cntry is 4rich people only bt 4poor

17 Mar 2014 21:49

Wakikuyu ndio IDPS? I wonder wenye tulikua na wao kwa camp juzi wamepewa Ksh.400,000.. Sherikali ya ukabira.

17 Mar 2014 22:17

Leadership is never easy,kibaki left office after lots of critisizm,now wanadaisha,better Him.cheki wewe ni Kenya,dont say,what has Jubilee done 4 u bt say,what wil i du to improve Kenya,hustle,sufer 4 future,open eyes,if Jesus was here,be sure to turn thngs around,KENYA TO A DEVELoped nation.

17 Mar 2014 22:59

i hope de gover is goin well jst som delays due innacuracy of som leaders coz they r new to news tigs about county governance.

18 Mar 2014 22:42

Mauta so do yu propose senator and governor and women rep be scrapped off?