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30 Jan 2015 16:37

If U NEVER DID ANY of the following
things in High School,My Friend,U
missed the real meaning of High
.Steal a shirt/blouse
.Score an E in maths,chem or physix
.Exchange ua tie wit anaa student
frm anaa skul during funkiez
.Exhaust ua pocket money by the
2nd week of the term
.Jump the line during dinner/lunch
.Wear a form one's FULL uniform for
a funkie(and Ur in Form 4!)
.Sleep through the WHOLE MATHS
.Kneel down at the parade ground
.'Fence' ua bed wit a bedcover
.REWIND the same shirt/blouse for a
WHOLE week!
.Mix bluband,cocoa n sugar in one
small cup
.Miss morning preps
.Get born again during a weekend
challenge n backslide following week
.Arrive in school past 6.30pm
.Recieve or reply a silly letter from a
silly student in a silly neighbouring
.Arrive in school past 8.30am(Day
.Miss school for a WHOLE WEEK just
for the heck of it(Day scholars)
If U NEVER went through any of
those experiences,
Like,if U know wat'am talking about

5 Feb 2015 20:21

hae skul ... .Kusneak nayo...Heee mafanky...Wewewe ..Sema kuchafua nani angetutisha wanashiners hahahaha. ..dos days

6 Feb 2015 21:53

umesahau kubiff na chuo zingine.ofcoz issue ya chuo yako ilikua ua biznez

6 Feb 2015 22:45

niivyo jo io ni must men

3 May 2015 10:44

Also if u hv nver attended da CU DEN u wa nt n ice skul!!!