Kenyan forum: Gentlemen only - Storm of love.
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29 Jan 2015 20:50

I loved her 4 7yrs now. Her dad n mam are totaly agaunst me. She loves me crazy too. But our love has caused her pains and me too plus my family. Her dad plots many falsely schemes to seperate her frm me. Thea4 he goes to the xtend of ruining my family members jobs n thy were almost fired. My pple now wants me to quit frm diz r/shp bt neither of us is wilng to let go xo easily. Kindly nids yo help brothrena

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22 Apr 2015 16:13

As far as da ladie loves you ad you love her go ahead wth ur r/ship.

28 Apr 2015 04:10

It takes a minute 2 have a crush an hour 2 like someone. N a day 2 love someone. But it takes a lifetime 2 forget someone. So Be in touch

28 Apr 2015 04:13

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound, but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by love. True Love ~ Love is the same when u write on Paper with water, on each second it goes smaller and smaller dont let it go write over it again and again please dont let it go try to hold it...

1 May 2015 17:06

Love is 4 2 n it hurts so when a third party is bent on destroying or killing this wonderful feeling. Y r her parents against this union? Hv U tried 2 seek their attention n know y they can't let U hv their daughter? Having it ur own way might b reasonable! Having parents blessings is Vital!