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8 Mar 2014 22:05

if u r gven 3 chances to mek a wish for somthng,wat are the thngs u wud wish 4

10 Mar 2014 12:19

te 1st 1 is 2 c ma lavly mum av all she wishes 2 av so as 2 get a gud lyf
te 2nd 1 is my siblngs 22 2 av wat tey wish 2 av a gud lyf
n te 3rd n last 1 is mee to die n go to heaven to rest etanoooo :asleep

6 Apr 2014 08:03

wan,to hav peace of mind,two; to c my family (joy my wife en two dota's) full of joy en happines en third; to mit my fred's family bng happy,rich in peace and in health en wealth.

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