Kenyan forum: Religion - The 2nd Coming Of The Messiah
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6 Mar 2014 12:16

What R Going 2 Do When The Messiah Comes Finding U In The Situation U R In, R U Going 2 Go With Him??

6 Mar 2014 12:17

Stay Righteous

7 Mar 2014 07:50

Always make sure that ur clothes r clean.The journey is not easy bt by prayer we shall b victorious...Shallom..纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮

7 Mar 2014 17:58

Lets prepare ourselves by al means so tht during the 2nd cm'ng we r found ready in... Rem, tym & date no 1 knws...