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30 Nov 2014 11:00

Hw do u feel when some1 u love end up being with some1 else?

1 Dec 2014 10:45

u wil feel bad

1 Dec 2014 11:16

Pple die leave alone going 2next partner hear on earth its normal i wont fil bad. Fare thee well.

1 Dec 2014 12:28

You gonna feel's hurting especially someone you adored.

1 Dec 2014 13:42

feels very bitter,yu wonder if yu are good enough,

1 Dec 2014 16:42

lyk i can kil de prsn avn hm

1 Dec 2014 16:53

tis terrible bt ave learned 2 cope wit it coz i took ma fiance from some one else.

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1 Dec 2014 17:11

As long as i do hv that rare feeln inside me..

1 Dec 2014 17:45

Quote by "Nelxonxhawn"
Hw do u feel when some1 u love end up being with some1 else?

1 Dec 2014 19:30

U wil defenitively feel jilted.i felt so when my first luv left mi,but nw tha lady he married died this Oct.leaving three boys.wheneva i c him,niliumia ndani but nowadas am alrite coz i acceptd wat happend.

1 Dec 2014 21:26


1 Dec 2014 21:38

It hurtz bt always remember everything happens with a reason

1 Dec 2014 23:24

Just wanna let her go and forget knowing that in the river there's a lot of fish...

1 Dec 2014 23:27

Not only her life begin in u?leave alone thy river bur ocean is thy desnitation

2 Dec 2014 08:23

Good! It saves you further anguish because that love was oneway. Else s/he would not have left you for another person.

2 Dec 2014 09:01

Its so painful esp when someone lives u pregant bt ol in all we have to move though painful

2 Dec 2014 11:50

Hearts bt part of life everyone faces it btwn dis generation kubanana n fashion

2 Dec 2014 13:37

Relieved!...was beta that wai than findin out frm atha sources.

2 Dec 2014 13:46


2 Dec 2014 20:52

It hurts a great deal.