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5 Mar 2014 20:39

Y do most ladies wear not short but little piece of cloth wth a big slit refiling thea whole thighs wht z thea agenda?

6 Mar 2014 22:21

Mmmmh i knw thi scenirio patrona enwei thy jux wanna provocate...their opposite sex en tat is thea main ageda..en thikin capacity..

7 Mar 2014 05:34

Yea Mwitieric0 1 z provoctn we ve 2get 2da rootcoz of ths

7 Mar 2014 22:04

Nope!!!! I do wanna think u can get 2 dea root wit dia kind of awkward move patrona y cnt thei stay decent en everthing would b fyn en smart..mhehehe..!!!!

8 Mar 2014 00:42

BaSically its ths thng of aping fasion whre sm ladies smtyms go 4 evn wat doesnt fit thm or augur well wth their body structure at all... Its a total sham while others thnk its the best way 2 b attractive whch isnt so

8 Mar 2014 04:37

We donn't hate our cstaz we luv thm BUT being nude in public is fasion,modernize or Ancientnize surely?

25 Apr 2014 14:06

N who told u that wen galz wea short skirts is juz tew attract u men? Some of us galz wea the short clothes tew please our selves bcoz we'v got no tym 4 u liars! Excuse me!

25 Apr 2014 17:58

why do we (mens) always think negative almost on everything of our sisters let them jienjoy samtyms,lets giv them sam space pliz

1 May 2014 07:11

Hahahaaa..@Maryam9 u sound harsh n cruel,a sign of,always da truth hurts/painful.