Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Why should love be forced???
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29 Sep 2014 19:53

It is high time we need to have some sence n tackle this issue gently,,,,why should one force somebody to love him or her??? u find a person be it a male or a female goes some extra miles n force another to luv him or her,,,when this person doesnt give in he or she gets alot of abuse,maybe block the social accounts n so many trush,,,i mean why should love be forced??n is this fair??

30 Sep 2014 07:48

lov is not a forcing issue is al abt awilling soul but some pple take it to acertain extend and is can one force lov and be certisfied???? Guyz mapenzi sikulazimisha even if u lov some1 soo much kama ataki kaguu na njia coz hutaridhika ataaa!!!

30 Sep 2014 10:29

thanx my d,a robert i always blv in true luv,,4cd luv rarely dont work,,,

30 Sep 2014 12:13

Exactly Gal,u kant force sam1 2 luv u

30 Sep 2014 12:17

Those who force love have hidden agendas, following wealth and power, they dont know how to seduce neither love nor relationship, full of jealoursness and forcing is their only option and superior method.

30 Sep 2014 16:05

Its not about forceing,but true love tolks to its self

30 Sep 2014 16:11

xure i dont think u should force sm1 to love u since love is a 2 way traffic

30 Sep 2014 21:11

God forbide,true Mariam. Lov flowz from the heart freely,en so true dei in dei out.It cnt b forced en if so,then theirz no love.

30 Sep 2014 22:23

1st and formost,if u are forced 2do that in this age ur selfish 2ur tht guy.i blv nw ladies are amazingly strong at will,so dnt lt 1 pt u dwn.

30 Sep 2014 22:28

Luve grow slowly 2 sm1 is imposble 2 gve sm1 wht u dnt hve.

1 Oct 2014 07:50

lv cn b forced n sm point whereby u truly lv sm1 str8t 4rm ur heart n that person dsn't recognise it,n that person s tha 1 ur nt ready to luz,xo y nt force it?

1 Oct 2014 12:13

y shld u 4c one 2 luv u when she s nt ready my d,a prince?? let her go 4 wat she wants???

1 Oct 2014 13:41

u find may b a guy,juz because the lady amemkataa,he goes to the extend ya kuharibia huyu dem cv,.n do stupid things 2 her so that no man cn av this lady,,wats really bad with guy??

1 Oct 2014 17:20

we shuld love frm da heart nt force ,,,,u knt teach a heart to love....

1 Oct 2014 17:29

Its so said love is blind and you cant force, instead of doing stupid things just wait for your time. Always GODS time is the best.

2 Oct 2014 00:07

To love some1 is to wait for them not to force it coz even u do so it wont work