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23 Sep 2014 19:27

I prefer EBOLA coz u suffer within a small period of time and die quickly have your say

27 Sep 2014 06:12

hiv iz atleast coz u cn suffer alot bt u cant die quickly unless u unhandle urself.

27 Sep 2014 08:15

iwoudnt prefer any but ikibidi ill go with HIV coz u cn live many yrs as long u ave accepted the fact we all knw several pple who ave it and stll strng.....

27 Sep 2014 16:36

",As for me i prefer (hiv).once you keep pressing positive towards yourself.stay passionate about life you'll live long;and be strong like any other person;

27 Sep 2014 18:35

Any killer disease result to death n their is no fairness rather 1cant choose coz we fear even being sick leave alone direct killer diseases.

27 Sep 2014 18:50

basically no one would lyk to be sick but is unffotunate we do fall in it.. thou if it were to happen HIV could be the most choosen disis in the world......

28 Sep 2014 16:02

Ebola has cure bt the otro one nay.

29 Sep 2014 14:29

I prifaa ebola

29 Sep 2014 22:35

Wah! I dont preffer any, ju kifo ni nomah joh.

30 Sep 2014 22:28

why dnt u argue abt gettin hit by a bus nkt.eithr is unwilling death.a bd way 2go so instead of ur argument si u ask urslves if uv ever taken food or fruits 2the sick.