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16 Sep 2014 23:18

Please share the best online business ideas which are possible without money.

Here are some ideas from my side:

1. Make Money Online With Facebook page or group
here are several ways you can use Facebook to make thousands of dollars if you follow simple steps. Anyone one can create a Facebook fan page for a particular product, sector/industry, news page, gossip page, love tips page or any other page that interests you.
After creating the Facebook page, invite your friends to like the page -, share on different forums with aim of getting likes, use the page to comment on other pages – by this – you are building the authority of your page.
By now, that is, if you frequently use Facebook, you have seen people/marketers post their products/services on Facebook with their contacts – this is the avenue you will explore with your Facebook Page.
Since your Facebook page has gained authority by getting several likes (at least above 3,000) you search for advertisers and tell them about your page and that you are interested in marketing their products through your page in exchange of a commission or a fixed price.
How else do you use your Facebook page? You can approach webmasters/bloggers and make a deal of sharing their content or giving them your likes at a fee. This is very practical – do not just browse and Facebook – browsing making money.
You can use Facebook to sale your products and advertise your services and increase sales. This will help you make money especially if you cannot afford the print media and Tv adverts. Exploit the opportunities provided by Facebook.

2. Academic Writing
What is academic writing? This is helping students with their assignments ranging from essays, term papers, dissertations/thesis and coursework. Mos t of the students seeking these services are from the UK ,US, Canada, Australia, Asia and few from Africa.
There are two ways to make money with academic writing – creating your own website where the students place their orders or working for these websites.
So, how do you go about academic writing?
First, they are basic rules that you must follow: Do not Plagiarize, Do not Miss Deadlines, Do not submit substandard content, Read the client instructions, do not use WikiPedia, Do not Use Turnitin, Avoid Grammatical Errors, communicate with your client.

3. Make Money With a Blog/Website in Kenya
When you create a blog, for you to get returns on the time you invest, you must provide the online community with original, unique quality content that answers their questions on your niche (the sector/topics of your blog). The rate on investment must be proportional to the rate of delivery of quality content.
Once you get your blog/website running, its time to monetize it. You can use different advertising networks which are paying per each click: Addynamo, Google Adsense, Buzzcity and more.

4. Part-time tutoring
This doesn't just apply for teachers. Students are also welcome. If you live in a large state, you are very likely to attract quite a few customers.
We suggest to post free advert about your services on MoboFree HERE

Any more ideas? Please share!

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17 Sep 2014 09:29

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23 Sep 2014 14:57

how do i create an account for academic writting?

29 Sep 2014 21:42

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29 Sep 2014 22:40

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