Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - spouse's profession
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3 Sep 2014 22:14

What profession would you HATE your
boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife to be
involved with....and why?

3 Sep 2014 22:47

So Long As She Does Whatever I Need,there Is No Problem With Me Every Profession Is Good To Me.Provided That My Wife/girlfriend Understands Herself!

4 Sep 2014 14:43

that one ithink i will bare with it any kind as long as lov is concernd

5 Sep 2014 08:46

any that brings shame n disease like prostitution

5 Sep 2014 10:14

If her dignity is at stake, nay to the job.

7 Sep 2014 21:04

yeah thea r xam jantas i cn't lt my wif do kama kuuza bar at nght shifts

14 Sep 2014 05:37

MAketng,at sam point she mait spred te legs 4 sam1 els 2get a gud dil dan

17 Sep 2014 17:34

i wl nt bea hm teckng alcohol cz he wl start misbhaving

19 Sep 2014 05:13


20 Sep 2014 13:16


20 Sep 2014 13:17

Marketing, she may expand da biz

22 Sep 2014 08:11

u cnt chuz a job 4 ur husband or wife cz u wr nt there when they were studyn it n u dnt knw tha reason as to y they go 4 it,wat matas s wat they got n there mind n hw they tk there lv

24 Sep 2014 12:16

Wont mind any as long as anilinde poa

26 Sep 2014 12:07

If you can change your thoughts you will change your attitude,change your attitude and you will be that much closser to being succeful so don't choose for someone's career because you think its best for him/her just discover your purpose and you will succeed