Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - making an ex jealous
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30 Aug 2014 11:04

how can you make your ex jealous hadi asikie kumeza wembe?

30 Aug 2014 11:17
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30 Aug 2014 11:31

thats true aranza

30 Aug 2014 11:58

by lovin the current to the end yaani vinoma mbaya!!!

30 Aug 2014 13:55

i think its useles coz le mi say u get aguy kiss him infront of ur ex,u wil jz cheaplz urself n may b he neva luved so no need 4 that jz 4get

30 Aug 2014 14:45

actually no need of showing him/her anything jst frgt and move on is easy...

30 Aug 2014 14:53

Quote by Aranza
no need for that. by making him or her jealous you end up hurting uaself more. better move on with your life

I agree with u
let the past be and u wil be happy

30 Aug 2014 16:03

kupost updates social network yenye ako ndio aone venye unaendelea na lyf yako na pia kuonyesha ulimeet msee mkali kumshinda

30 Aug 2014 16:24

Dats wont help u get anywea,xo let him/her see incase u mit or hea frm freds,dats perfect

30 Aug 2014 17:37

ur right becoz it will just remind u of her

30 Aug 2014 20:26

No nid 2 do that.let go of wat u av on ur hands,n God wil bless u with some thing maisha iedelee.

30 Aug 2014 23:50

Jealous people never win

31 Aug 2014 02:49

an x is an x .let him/her keep the memories

31 Aug 2014 11:11

No need of that and if you try to make your x jealous of you,it means that you still love him/her and you still want your relation back.

31 Aug 2014 11:25

It's useless bcoz u will jst end up hurtin urself, ya no need

31 Aug 2014 12:17

absolutely no point no gain 4 that jzt be uaself. coz wat goes around alwys kam around

31 Aug 2014 12:42

nyc nigger love it!cme 4a kiss

31 Aug 2014 14:12

unless u hav anything left back which is not worth wat ur upto jst move forward coz it will only refresh ur memories and hold u back na sipoa. you guys knw that kurudi nyuma ndio kutakumaliza ni msemo wa wahenga wa central prvs

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31 Aug 2014 21:46

u shd fget abt er na lyf iedelee no need to

31 Aug 2014 23:12

plan 2 dat hm/ha thn cancle at th lxt mint nd also u cn dat 1 of hs/ha bst frds nd lt him/her tht u fil free aft brkup,m2 akikuhurt hurt hm/ha bil kujal

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