Kenyan forum: Other - LADIES WITH FIGURE 8
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16 Aug 2014 07:03

Why do men admire these ladies with wide hips and small waste? what is the sectet behind?

18 Aug 2014 15:19

n utamu

18 Aug 2014 15:23

yeh... thy rly do hav utamu...kuliko shapless ona haha!@Nicho

18 Aug 2014 15:25

yeah robat th r swt sio kama vibogoyo wengine mamomo i hat thm

18 Aug 2014 17:26

They are xwit kuliko shapeless 1GB

18 Aug 2014 18:02

they look presentable,and they got style and flexible

18 Aug 2014 18:14

Its all about da curiocity,wat is hidden in there.

18 Aug 2014 18:40

because they're easy to carry but they are stubborn&cheaters because they're seen as queens thats why they brag of themselves.

18 Aug 2014 18:42

Hahaha @nn Shantel

18 Aug 2014 19:02

like ladies wid figure coz their big hips act pussy table.

18 Aug 2014 19:12

shantelle,wee ni figa?

18 Aug 2014 19:51

they actualy know how to ride but wengne wana maji mob

18 Aug 2014 20:42

figure 8 enyewe wanakuanga poa

18 Aug 2014 21:28

I am different. I so much love these slim ladies. they are very flexible. they look young for long. mmmh. I really love them. men, I think you are misled by your eyes.

19 Aug 2014 06:39

Figure 8 ladies are the best to any sex style u would like,i actualy love them

19 Aug 2014 06:47

What if the shape is a Chemical-made-figure.
For instance my lovely bros, do you mean the very big "songs" or any size as long as it is "8".

19 Aug 2014 06:57

People Choose Those Ones Because It Is Believed That They Are So Sweet But I Can Say It Is Just A Belief Which Need To Be Eradicated.It Should Be Understood That Not All Women With Figure 8 Are Sweet Some Are Not Good In Bed.So If You Prefer Figure 8 Go Ahead But You Should Be Aware Of That.

19 Aug 2014 07:39


19 Aug 2014 07:46

Where are you ladies. what does this prove to you.

19 Aug 2014 07:49

kila mtu na taste yake