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14 Aug 2014 07:45

Can u marry a woman who is more richer than you?

14 Aug 2014 12:36

ok it dpnds hw much u luv her ad hw much she luvs u.In fact luv cn exist anywhere,eg lts say dat Derrick u r a univerzity level u cn find urself fall in luv wid a gal of standard 8 level ad engage her 2 marriage

14 Aug 2014 13:40

why not? The intresting part is if ur jobless utashangaa mxee!!!

14 Aug 2014 14:45

Yes,I will. Also in my vows I will say," I love from the bottom of my hands and heart, I promise to care for you and your lovely bucks. I will go green with you."

14 Aug 2014 20:48

As long as love is wat brought as together why not.

14 Aug 2014 22:24


15 Aug 2014 00:03

i can bt if she real love

15 Aug 2014 03:37

yes i can, if she love me

15 Aug 2014 06:35

That Is Possible Provided That You Love One Another.

15 Aug 2014 06:43

But u can think she want a hus while she need house hus!!

15 Aug 2014 08:23

why do men fear rich women,al u need is understanding n respect

15 Aug 2014 09:44

Haha guys i thnk love n respect r the needed virtues n nt love alne

15 Aug 2014 12:15


15 Aug 2014 15:26


15 Aug 2014 16:30

Lisen Here GuyZ,its not that easy,am a Victim,unless i use other Means to get Myself richer Than Her>>>>>MEN usiwahi, ...swry am just Commenting!!!!

15 Aug 2014 17:16

I wont!!

15 Aug 2014 17:26

Quote by Denno1980
I wont!!

Why???? .and u hav nothing to loss my frd......

15 Aug 2014 18:02

Listen to denny guys.

15 Aug 2014 20:59

why not???

15 Aug 2014 21:18

i can imagn to do tat if tea is great respect on my lov to her!