Kenyan forum: Music - Secular music
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13 Aug 2014 23:08

Wat about secular songs.Is t bad 4 a christian kuskiza.Wat r ur views

14 Aug 2014 12:21

according 2 me its nt bd 2 lstn them coz thy r jst lyk othrs bt only big dffrnce is most of the secular music r meaningless at all

14 Aug 2014 13:37

not bad to lstn but the content of the song matters....not all are worthy listenin

14 Aug 2014 21:26

Wateva yu feed ur mind .Yu bcom lyk it.We r awa thots.N pia Some songs openly show devillish stuff n we still sing along.Jst wondern why nt revert this attention 2 non-secular music.jst a thot:-)

15 Aug 2014 07:41

I Do Litsen To All Song I Am A Born Again Christian

15 Aug 2014 09:36

@ Beldin yea u du listen.N is it good ???