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11 Aug 2014 19:32

Lets try n test our imagination.Play wit words.N make poetry

11 Aug 2014 19:40

Let us breath love and not air
Let us dine on love and not meals
Let us drink love n nt air
let us fil luv n nt pain
Let us make luv n nt kids
Let us make luv life
by Boyfriend 45

12 Aug 2014 23:45

Were is love
Pple everywea r in search 4 tis love
Who wil love me
Nt 4 my body
Nt 4 my money
Bt 4 t whole of mi
In my flaws n imperfections
Love mi love mi

13 Aug 2014 22:52

Make ur contributions.You mean you guys don't read poetry here @ mobo

13 Aug 2014 22:57

am sry bt we 4got andika wasome @boyfrd

13 Aug 2014 23:01

Ebu @ nicholas comment .Niskufe roho .Zko aje

13 Aug 2014 23:20

Wat does it feel
Wen the days cease n its 4eva nyt
Wen all manly pleasures are gone
Wen feelings evaporate into thin air.
Wen warmth is replaced with cold
Wen sour odour takes place of swit fragrance
Wen life on earth comes to an end.

14 Aug 2014 21:29

Ope u enjoy my poems.Like any of em n motivate me to keep you entertained.:-)

14 Aug 2014 21:45

A new beginning(/u)
Its that tym again
That tym I always say am turning on a new leaf
That tym I aways say am gonna start my life all over again
I promise myself starting tomorrow am gonna be the best
Am goin to stick to right not wrong
Am goin to be a better son
Am goin to be a better brother
A better grandson
A better boyfriend
A better team player
A better church mbr
A better christian
Coz its a new begginning
A new dawn
I might fail @ tyms God above strenghtn me
Am goin to love the world
Am goin to share wat little I have
Am gonna lend my ears to the worlds cries and pains
Am gonna listen whea I shuld
N speak wea I shuld
May he who designed me guide my footsteps to whre he desires me to be
May God pour his love on me so I may be his vessel of love.
Am gonna be a New me.

28 Apr 2015 04:32

Newton’s 1st Law of poondi…
Every poonder continues to do poondi unless or until a thappar or sandal with a velocity of 9.8m/s hit upon his head by a lovely girl…
This force is called be-ezzti, which is directly propotional to sharmindagi..
but Beghairti remains constnt.B-);-)

28 Apr 2015 04:34

Definition of TIME...!
Slow...when u wait
Fast...when u’r Afraid
Long...when u’r Sad
Short...when u’r happy
Endless..when u’r at Pain
Never feel it...when u’r Content
Deadly...when u’r bored
Time can only be determined by your feelings and your mental condition not by clock hands...!