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28 Jul 2014 21:50

who cn u chuz btwn dark n brown ladies??dark n brown guys n a relationship,does tha colour really matters in love?

29 Jul 2014 08:28

I prefer black coz brown are proud .....n if u talk wid 1 da frst thing they comment abt themselves ""hi gal am smart n very cute"".....

29 Jul 2014 08:37

I prefer the dark girl coz me myself am a brown boy and then brwn gys tke an advantage of bn majestically coz of dat colour

29 Jul 2014 08:47

No doesnt matter,love is blind

29 Jul 2014 08:47

i cn jst xay that black s beauty

29 Jul 2014 08:50

Sure Prince

29 Jul 2014 08:55

Colour Is Nothng In A Relationship Wat Matas S Wat S U 2 Fil 4 Each Other Guyz

29 Jul 2014 09:00

@nick,jst tk a luk at black ladies n men hw beautiful they du luk,gud example check n ma photos of me,am proud 2 b black n many girls r fightin 2 get me cz they lv ma colour

29 Jul 2014 09:04

@prince Never Fal n lv wth a dreamer

29 Jul 2014 15:52

colour means nothin 2 me.tabia nzuri do mambo yote,nt being beautiful or handsome

29 Jul 2014 15:58

hahaha@wendy it seems u knw tha true meaning of lv,n wat about swag

29 Jul 2014 16:01

Yeah prnc umegonga ndpo kama vp blak z beauty brown z fashion

29 Jul 2014 16:06

Colour doesnt mata as long as u love each other n ryhming,,bt da 1 wo z lukng 4 colour idon thnk f he/she z pl in love

29 Jul 2014 16:19

as long as I know niko mweusi na najivunia,cwezi marry mzungu nataka kitu nyeusi...though sitaoa rangi but tabia

29 Jul 2014 18:57

Not really is just all about your heart.

29 Jul 2014 19:36

It takes two-sides of a coin and the attached part to form a whole complete package.
For me, skin colours will be changed. The body will be enhanced and the hair dyed but her character matters the most.

29 Jul 2014 20:34

brown ladies

29 Jul 2014 21:01

i think colour matters in a relationship,if am 2 choose i wil go 4 the dark guy coz these brown onez they have uncountable ladiez of which ladiez fight 4 them

29 Jul 2014 21:46

broun galz coz am olso broun gudnyt to all broun ladyz

30 Jul 2014 16:16

dark it is soo handsome. brown guys r proud.