Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Men being Gold Diggers.
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21 Jul 2014 09:52

Guyz,is it true that now days Men Are GoldDiggers? And how Do they practice? Have you experidnced this? Please share your Views,comments,here on:

MEN AND Gold Digging.

21 Jul 2014 09:57

I agree to that Topic,a frend of mine once told me that He is looking 4 a stable Chic,who can give him a child,ju hatakuwa na issud eti babe,nataka doo ya kulisha mtoi,fee,food kwa Hao...medical attention,all Catered for.

21 Jul 2014 13:38

When men gold dig its because of 2 things,
one. They have no place to base their dreams.
Two, just playing stupid.

21 Jul 2014 15:22

Thenkyu friend,enway do you think in 1 way or other you ever practised that?

21 Jul 2014 16:49

No, golding is not my thing. Just smart intimacy encounters.

21 Jul 2014 17:04

yap especially thoz from coast are worse

21 Jul 2014 17:10

Baibzn, I dont think dea, these characters r everywhr

21 Jul 2014 18:01

@Baibz, open your eyes. @Kevin 1986, reality is always twisted.

21 Jul 2014 18:50

Majority of men,they tend to find a chic whu s less to responsibilies,comittment to then, thats y they find easyTO HOOK A STABLE chic...

21 Jul 2014 19:24

@Denny19, am one of those guys. Who does not need a woman commitment with my own reason. But for me, their main reason is not the stable chic but their reason is easy wealth grab.

21 Jul 2014 19:33
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21 Jul 2014 19:44

@prince will,Easy men,le me talk to her,she must withdraw that statement

21 Jul 2014 20:05

that one icnt coment....

21 Jul 2014 21:23

how? men can jst be gold diggers anywhere not only at coast

21 Jul 2014 21:26

@Prince will, men just leave her alone. Her virginity is not the point of clarity.
@Kadrimar, sorry if it offended but its everywhere.

21 Jul 2014 21:28

let me open you peope up this is digital things are now twisted what we used to do for ledies now is their time to do to so to us.

21 Jul 2014 21:29

let me open you peope up this is digital things are now twisted what we used to do for ledies now is their time to do so

22 Jul 2014 06:49

douglas am toking from experience

22 Jul 2014 07:31

Yeah its tru bt hao madam r misusing men

22 Jul 2014 09:18

How do we stop this enway!

University Entry to be lowered to 60:boys and 63:girls,
2.boys to get job opportunities first b4 LADIES,
3...only is to improve financial status of Men.
Whats ua say,your thoughts