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18 Jul 2014 12:02

Whats the Best Way to Terminate a relationship?

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18 Jul 2014 12:07

I will ask her OUT then have a mere date then tell her the Bad News," i think i was never the Right guy for you,am sorry,"
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18 Jul 2014 15:23

4 Nw,thgh,I thnk it's best we jst lt thngs ed

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18 Jul 2014 17:20

hey,i cld u 10 tyms n u nvr pick ma cls,i txd u n u nvr rply,i think ur tired with me,n am xory i cnt force ths lv,bye bye am gone

18 Jul 2014 22:42

It's me not you that am not in love with you anymore n am so sorry to end this but we can stil be friends for now

19 Jul 2014 04:27

I will sing 4 her a break up song,like
It Must have been Love but Its Over Now-ROXETTE

19 Jul 2014 04:31

Put a break up bil board at her house,na usishike simu zake

19 Jul 2014 06:08

evry begin has an end n ds da end of ur rltnshp gdbye!

19 Jul 2014 11:59

Hehe! Guys ua jokng. Being in a relationship s seriuos thing

19 Jul 2014 12:33

True,bt what if he/she wasent 4 you,ham rym,
itabidi mu achane kwa uzuri u kan force things..

19 Jul 2014 13:54

k 4 me i wil jst tel da guy "thnx 4 da gd company tht we had bye bye and dnt bother me nyc tym"

19 Jul 2014 17:03

Actually letting go sm1 whom uv shared wth ua deep flngs isnt easy & 1 shldnt jst take it 4 grntd.. Its hard 2 say gudbye wthout a proper reason isnt fair.. 1 shld b humane evn if thre is a misunderstanding whch may av arouse.. As of me the best is pulling out wthout uttering those hard words

20 Jul 2014 18:44

hahaha...u gys u cant b serious,ebu tlk the truth

21 Jul 2014 16:56

@Denny19, if you want to break a relationship in style be totally. Out of bound of all relationship rules. Not necessarly by cheating but by going mad on every point. @Angel, its always serious and takes time to get the mr.Right. Who is the best of mr.Left, I mean a man or woman are taken as a whole package not halves.

To my very point, if you want a grand exit then make a grand exist.

22 Jul 2014 06:57

il explain kila kitu n nimuambie btwn me n him it cant work

23 Jul 2014 15:28

is very had to breakup with som1 uv'e been with somtym.ithink the best way is talk it out with ur patiner then things wil be at ease..