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17 Jul 2014 22:48

mafans!i ned ur hlp...My mum is a vry tough woman,lst tym i tld her dat i ned 2 join in a recruit of a millitary forces bt she refused,then last tym i tried tlling her 2 go ad join the recruit of kenya police force she also refused,again last tym i lost a chance of bcming G4s security bcoz of her ad sincery speaking i lyk dat job ad she says dat whenever i wll join in any jb rlation 2 security she will leave behind a curse ad dont 4get dat i hav no bro or siz,now wat i tll my mum so dat she allows me 2 join in my favourite job?

18 Jul 2014 10:27

Linkonjunior, All mothers in the world are tough on there children.

I also share your dream, but I wanted to be a Kenyan military guy. Luitenant Doug, is what I said I would want to be but my mum said a HELL NO!!!
I had to join scout team in my prime child years, my scout master called me private Douglas. Guess who came to my dream crash, my mum. She said," you are stubborn, you have asthma, you talk to police officers and now this. Excuse sir, I do not want to hear my son is in this scout parade again."

17 Yrs later, nothing has ever occured to my dream but I still hold it to my heart.

Now I do understand why she said the hell No to my dream, after what I now call secret human sacrifice by using our brothers as items in the kitchen and trashing their memories to tombstones.

18 Jul 2014 10:56

dnt blame ur mom,she lvs u vry much,luk wats hpnng n mpeketoni,somalia,garisa,the way cops r killed n ur mom thnks that she myt lus u,n she s afraid f ltn u go,u lv tha job n ur mom lvs u mo,luk 4 another job bro

18 Jul 2014 12:02

@links,daug n prince,u r mamas boys u cant take a step 2ward ur golz n drmz,bakini jikoni mkatekate onions na mama zenu

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18 Jul 2014 12:07

@mwembs hzo shida zote unazo ni kwasababu ya kutoheshimu mamako,una laana ww ndo maana ata mke hauna,haujui kuheshimu wanawake

18 Jul 2014 12:11

Mpe kazi link baxi na hizo baraka zako za wazazi,eti mama anasema,mothee anadai hamuoni aibu wanaume kusema hivyo nkt!

18 Jul 2014 12:14

mwana apatae baraka ni yle anaeskia za wazazi,na wenye laana ka ww hamna bahati

18 Jul 2014 12:14

Mpe kazi link baxi na hizo baraka zako za wazazi,eti mama anasema,sijui mama nini,huoni aibu mwanamme kama ww kuxema hio

18 Jul 2014 12:15

wafirwa ww,mkunduo

18 Jul 2014 12:16

Bakini na baraka zenu

18 Jul 2014 12:20

au xio,hapa kwangu hautoshi

18 Jul 2014 15:17

While i agree & concur in respecting our parents guidance on the best thngs suitable 4 us it also gud 2 rem tht u wont live in their shadows all ua lyf.. Ua mum cld b right fearing what my befell her only son when he opt opt 2 join any disciplined force.. But bro it shld also cm as a reality 2 u tht howeva much she is protective upon u death is a channel tht wld 1day come calling whether in line of duty or by any other means.. Sit dwn wth ua mum thn ask her wat she finds ideal bcz u also need 2 b ua own man rather thn b in her shadows all the tym.. Thn make the right move

18 Jul 2014 15:24

are you serious she said that to u?possesive or insecure or both she is.there is an answer if u want to know.

18 Jul 2014 20:12

marespect 1st 2 maparents bro i thnk u shuld luk 4 pason wh s clos 2 ur mum lik 1 of ur uncle/anti & 2ry 2 convince her & my b she 'll change ha mind

18 Jul 2014 22:27

Ther s only 1 sacces 2 b able 2 sped ur lfe n ur own

18 Jul 2014 22:58

She has been with you all the time and wont occur to her to lose wat she valeu most in here life ber with she caers more about you than anything eles be hapy she does

19 Jul 2014 00:32

Hallo,wenw ua over 18 uknw wat,s bad an gd,an ua mum will allways lv u no matter how old ua,bro,aman was born 2 sweat,an 2fight,so go ahead

20 Jul 2014 01:17

wah! thatz a tuff situation telng u 2 folow ua heart wil make u get a curse....jst do wat u knw wil be ryt

20 Jul 2014 02:09

rspct her bt she nid srious advce,kwani mama zetu walituokota yeye akakuzaa? hataki ukalinde mama zetu venye tunamlinda!

20 Jul 2014 23:09

dis iz a vry crias issue,u av 2 talk wid ua mum n get 2 know da reason,mayb kuna k2