Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Gender preference
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10 Jul 2014 15:48

To all ladies,

what would you if you were a boy/man!?
Beyonce said if she was a man she cud date ladies,drink wth th guys...

12 Jul 2014 04:54

My sister once told me,that if she was a Man,she go for Gymnastic,get more muscles en beat all the people who do wrong to Her.

12 Jul 2014 09:50

R.Kelly's Daughter wants to change her sexuality,she wants to b a Man,
recently she introduced her father to the soulmate,qez who?,a chic,telling him that they ar planing to getMARRIED soon.

12 Jul 2014 21:10

Awa house gal tod me if she wa a man she wud b te bst faka koz she wud b aving sex wit lots of gals, n i gess many r lyk ha

13 Jul 2014 05:43

ma siz wans told me dat she wld enjoy de freedom of doing watever she wants anytime as i does.

13 Jul 2014 10:59

WHAT IF YOU WERE Alady,what would you Do?

13 Jul 2014 11:02

Mi ningekuwa the best mother in the world.

16 Jul 2014 12:15

Denny19 na ungetombwa xana