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9 Jul 2014 18:58

At what age did you start traveling by yourself?

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10 Jul 2014 14:20

When I had my feet to myself and a mature mind to get me through people, in short 5 yrs old. Travelled from home to town, from town to the supermarket in the twisted corners of the street.

10 Jul 2014 14:49

I start going by my self when i was 16 to school,

10 Jul 2014 14:51

@Denny19, that is wierd. What was the problem? Just asking.

10 Jul 2014 14:54
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10 Jul 2014 15:18

I USED TO WALK MYSELF TO SCHOOL AT 6YRS A DISTANCE OF 10KM...I'm brought up of a not controlling family,they told us manners and left us lead ourselves as they direct

10 Jul 2014 15:27

Thank God for dat....there sam cring fo the parents gaurd bah no parents

10 Jul 2014 15:36

Maze,ngepoteza fare,fee,then ngebambika na gari hadi npite penye naenda.

10 Jul 2014 15:40

Kusema ukweli,nilipelekwa chuo,boding na kukujiwa,hadi venye nilifika sec. Afte ndo nkarudi solo hom

10 Jul 2014 16:20

when i ws 3yrs,i started by goin 2 c ma galfren,n ws smtyms drivn alone n ma dad's rim

10 Jul 2014 16:35

@Prince will, hold some horses here. Gf? Damn, you were an exposed fella.

10 Jul 2014 16:38

its a way f lyf,she ws introduced 2 me by ma mum

11 Jul 2014 22:33
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12 Jul 2014 12:24

n noma kutel ju nilizaliwa na 5 mnths tha lest 4 mnths nkajilea