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7 Jul 2014 10:15

Why are women dressing tight skirts and troussers showing the shape of their butts and drawing lines of their pants?

7 Jul 2014 11:40

I hate such dressing code. M a lady n i was once there. I think its just a stage n it do come to pass. My Darling luvs me n not the tight the cloths or the clothes i wear...

7 Jul 2014 11:58

it only promotes lust

7 Jul 2014 12:03

I think there is nothing with this sought of wearing. What we just have to accept is that we have a negative mentality over ladies fashion. All we should know is that ladies are only wearing for the purpose of wearing not acting magnet on men as many people have always judged.

7 Jul 2014 12:09

Ladies dont wear dress 4men,they wear 4da other women.

7 Jul 2014 12:39

it depends on ones 4 me i dress da way i feel lyk dressin unles mayb ma fiancee kan xay nt dat bbe,do it dis way..period

7 Jul 2014 15:03

No Need,nthng To Display

7 Jul 2014 15:39

Jack,i think you are among few women who value their womanity,a man cannot love you for wearing tight clothes bt for whom you are,keep it up

7 Jul 2014 15:42

I love their curves and just appreciate beauty of all ladies.

7 Jul 2014 15:50

@kajuma. Jst imagine you are with some friend who don't knw your mum,accidentaly your mum passes there wearing a tight trouser showing her butts and drawing lines of her pants,then 1 friend says,(check,zinga la mama hilo.....),how would you feel?

7 Jul 2014 15:54

Now that some of the ladies are found guilty of promoting lust n immorality,why are they strugling in vain?

7 Jul 2014 16:01

I can't restrain my wife coz wen i see another one with such i will admire lets be sincere we love to see such

7 Jul 2014 16:23

Can sch wearng encourage rape?.....Palx

7 Jul 2014 16:55

If they only knew how disgusting they r in such clothes....

7 Jul 2014 17:28

i wear something that is decent.some tights r disgustin

7 Jul 2014 20:59

got to appreciate Gods artistic work.with men becoming zombies n homos,we really nid this to keep us in check.

8 Jul 2014 11:39

You talkin abt me,mmmh..if am comftble why not..

8 Jul 2014 11:49

they keep me bizy wen idle juu i just fantasize

8 Jul 2014 11:54

Thy R Bing Udermined By Ths Addictive Soaps Thy Watch Evry Dy On Tv's.It's Vry Stupit Coz Those Whit Guys R Jst Acting.Back N Their Hme Thy Don't Wear Lik Dat Thy R Mannered There

8 Jul 2014 11:54