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2 Jul 2014 21:15

Should your kids know your mothertongue and why?

3 Jul 2014 11:46

No,they shldn't,bcz i dis mothertoungue as got no importance,dats y even 2day TRIBALISM wil nt end in Kenya.itupiliwe mbali n names of tribes pia we example the names shld be lyk PETER WILLIAMS nt da type ya RACHEL WANGARI,KURIA n da rest.lets b digital..

3 Jul 2014 12:51

yes! yes! coz it gives them a link to their old old gradpa & gradma there is no language barier b2wn em,also it is our traditional language it's fun 4 kids to learn the language of their ancestors.lok at th tourists wh spends alot going 2 bomas coz of our cultule

3 Jul 2014 13:30

Hahahaha i like ur comments guys.

3 Jul 2014 13:55

Yes they shuld knw wea they come frm...

3 Jul 2014 13:57


3 Jul 2014 14:33

yes b coz they hv a mother so they hav 2 knw mothertongue

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3 Jul 2014 15:39

What if parent comes from different tribes?

3 Jul 2014 15:45

Nt a must bt its important

3 Jul 2014 15:46

they learn the fathers traditional language coz the mum joined the man tradition one is enough i em

3 Jul 2014 15:49

@nicholas and who will teach them?

3 Jul 2014 16:52

Hw did they comunicate?

3 Jul 2014 17:57

@ojimoreme maybe in kiswahili or english.

3 Jul 2014 22:01

mamaulimi,i don lyk.i av a niece bt maajabu ni she doesnt knw even a single word.

3 Jul 2014 22:06

mambo na culture ya mumtongue,kama ina maana KCPE n KCSE niaje.

3 Jul 2014 22:25

a certificate in mothertongue,diploma,degree n pia masters.kuweni criaz its bad.

3 Jul 2014 22:29

4 God's sake mothertongue nowadayz ina2miwa wapi.

4 Jul 2014 00:36

they should know to hav identity.. Mwacha mila ni mtumwa

4 Jul 2014 09:05

I think they should for the sake of controlling tribalism.

4 Jul 2014 09:56

YEES! My kids will be as ORIGINAL AFRICANOS AS I'M...I hav neva seen a copy achieving anywhere! The world is rule by originality and not copies,observe Chinese who kept their traditions while they're the most developed nation...let us be digital the AFRICAN WAY...DAMN U COPIES

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