Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Kenyan ladies are the most beautiful ones
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5 Feb 2014 08:00

Kenyan ladies are the most beautiful ones of all: they'v got the african beauty! Do u agree with me?

5 Feb 2014 15:52

Of course.,

6 Feb 2014 20:11
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7 Feb 2014 06:14

From experience i soo much disagree

16 Feb 2014 00:02

No they are just hurting ladies

16 Feb 2014 07:38

of course kenyan lady hurts

17 Feb 2014 12:29

Hahaha true

10 Mar 2014 05:18

NOT realy,Very few

28 Mar 2014 18:57

bt y do u disagree with me my pals! Tell me kwanza we xolo! Tell me y??

28 Mar 2014 19:00

wow! I lyk the way u second me darln! Coz it's fact!

28 Mar 2014 19:01

my d'a y do u xay xo? Hw do they hurt?

28 Mar 2014 19:17

Maryam my stori is soo long concerning ma experience wth kenyan ladies afta theyre only beautiful on the outside bt inside weeee ata usiseme nikama coffin outside is nice looking bt inside is horrible #but not all ladies r like that

28 Mar 2014 21:51

I like ladies from Botswana,zambia and SA.They r jst awesome human from the lineage of virgin Mary

28 Mar 2014 21:53

Oscar hahahahaha ati lineage ya virgin mary waaar pia me naenda kutafuta huko basi

28 Mar 2014 22:32

Hay.... No i disagree. Tanzanians,Nigerian and ladies from Egypt are so love and so romantic. Kenyan ladies dont know how to make a man feel loved.

28 Mar 2014 23:00

@solo twende huko tunaelezewa by oscar bcoz kenyan ladys seems to be somhow difficlt

29 Mar 2014 00:36

Beautiful ladies ar in al country rly African gurl

29 Mar 2014 08:06

not really but they r the most gold diggers ever

29 Mar 2014 08:33

i do agree with you ,especially nyanza part of kenya

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29 Mar 2014 10:36

Lance huko ndio sa itakuwa nxt stop in search of love