Kenyan forum: Family & kids - parents on the internet
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1 Jul 2014 14:58

my mom s 62yrs old,lst week ma mom downloaded whatsup 2 ha fon n she s n facebuk,should we lt our parents spoil their retirement age by browsin mo than us?

2 Jul 2014 06:26

That Shld Nt Happen At All.

2 Jul 2014 09:40

then i must tk ha fn,n sell it

2 Jul 2014 13:31

nice old parents

2 Jul 2014 13:33

thats nt nc

2 Jul 2014 17:06


2 Jul 2014 17:31

dnt think xo#kero

2 Jul 2014 18:18

what do you think your kids will say about you when you are old and still using the internet?………
the internet does not have an age limit!

2 Jul 2014 18:30

n wat cn u xay when u gt ur grandpapa chattn n tha net with a s2dent?

2 Jul 2014 18:37

haha……every man to his taste

2 Jul 2014 20:20

she has her life at whatever age.i bet shes nt competing with here n chose my chat wisely.

3 Jul 2014 06:44

bt u aint 55#jomonjo

3 Jul 2014 06:46

obizzo age do matters to

3 Jul 2014 10:24

Princeee..i luv dat,i think she knows y did it,its her lyf.acha ajienjoy.n ba da way giv me her names za fb nichat na yeye.

3 Jul 2014 10:29

#wendy u wnt 2 chat with ma gal?hw wl u introduce urself to ha?ur nt crias,am plnn to steal tha fon

3 Jul 2014 10:35

Evn old ones ar bcmng Digital,,,,

3 Jul 2014 10:39

cn u imagine she send me a frend reques,she s ltn me down

3 Jul 2014 10:44

u xaid ua mum.dats nyc akitaka k'date pia uwezi mzuia..its digital

3 Jul 2014 10:48

aah,ma mom-a date-no u aint crias#wendy,wat f u wa ma mom,ungekuwa na mpango wa kando nyingi

3 Jul 2014 12:23

By the way internet is free to everybody whose 4ne have access to the internet and chatting makes u known worldwide provided u choose the pple u chat with and the way u chat to them.