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29 Jun 2014 22:17

what do you look for while searching a new catch,, is t the inner beauty or outside physical appearance?

30 Jun 2014 10:57

sex,hw she plays n tha bed,utamu wa uhusiano ni chumbani,ywaweza kuwa mrembo na ndani hozi,majimaji

30 Jun 2014 15:14

I would ignore a lady who‘s beautiful on the outside but ugly within, though I may not ignore one who's beautiful in the inside regardless of outside beauty

30 Jun 2014 23:52

inside beauty is much more important than outside.

1 Jul 2014 00:59

ya i d like tat bat rm te swhl wads uziri mw muke si urmbo bt tabia i agr wi u

1 Jul 2014 01:03

i agree with you.

1 Jul 2014 01:06

Character matters a lot

1 Jul 2014 06:34

Macho kwanza ipende ndio roho nayo impende.

1 Jul 2014 10:48

kweli kabisa Derrick Mutuiri

1 Jul 2014 11:23

Most inner appriciatd thn the phycal.

1 Jul 2014 20:09

From inside that 's what matters from de heart

1 Jul 2014 21:31

Character matters alot

1 Jul 2014 23:06

Derrick muturi thats it.

1 Jul 2014 23:42

but anaweza kua chonjo insde,bt kiruka njia,so beuty fast thn ndani badaye

2 Jul 2014 01:23

of cos the first thing to attact ur attention is beauty..others follow if at all there anytin else coz maself beauty is everything

2 Jul 2014 13:45

First beauty coz u can't approach an ugly person then behavior and then the inside

2 Jul 2014 19:00

No one is ugly Peter, beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. What might not be ua choice is somebody elses. Appreciation arising from the way one was raised is paramaunt.

2 Jul 2014 20:54

pickypicky,u got mah hand in that.sumu kwako ni dawa kwa mwengine.

3 Jul 2014 07:42

Dnt Judge A Book By Its Cover!So You Ought To Know What Is Inside!

4 Jul 2014 09:11

Love will decide. Love is holistic.