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29 Jun 2014 14:07

Lets share what we learnt today.Today i learnt....

1 Jul 2014 07:05

am nt a s2dent xo i learnd nthn

1 Jul 2014 09:04
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11 Aug 2014 19:20

Todei I learnt to trust in God.I'm @ home n I jst cleared xkul.I had 2 go 4 bball practise n skua na fare.Suddenly t phone is ringing and my cucu calls mi 2 hlp her wit t cows.N she pays mi 4 jus lending hr a hand 4 a shortwhile.Trust mi I was desperate 4 that monie:-]

12 Aug 2014 23:50

Todei I learnt that nothn in this world really matters.Everytn is vanity.Money.Women.Men.Food. Evrytn is a chase afta t winds.Bt only God is real n t most important ting in lyf.

13 Aug 2014 23:50

Todei I learnt dat God is in control.We worry too much rather than trust in God.