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27 Jun 2014 14:56

Would you mind sharing ur turning point in lyf.Whether in ur wak lyf.Love lyf.Xkul lyf.Wen u really changed 4 the beta.Share ur story n hlp someone awt here at mobofree..:-)

28 Jun 2014 08:13

when sm thieves cm 2 ma place n they were seven,i fought 6 of em n break their legs,n spared the lady who ws 1 f em n decided 2 f**k ha,men ths bad gals r vry xwit,n jst hp that 1 day she wl cm again alone 4rm me gues wat wl hpn?

28 Jun 2014 09:58

I used to skip school en just decided to read on my on.i realised it was wrong en refused know what am now addicted to drugs am now struggling to to change just be Gods children

28 Jun 2014 11:41

hated skul til fom2 when I lost all my dad's assets that i aimed at of which were grabbed by uncles. Guyz find urz! Am nw enjoying my university life that i would otherwise nt hv seen. Work hard

28 Jun 2014 19:28

Ako mii nko 2 ivo cna any lkn najua mnazo,tuambieni

29 Jun 2014 09:55

ever seen i finishd hi skol been on drugs ilov drinkin and am still in college idnt sleep in hostels icame early in mornng my motha noticed she had 2get admited 2 hosptal am afraid ithin am dying slowly guyz help me plz

29 Jun 2014 12:46

Fredriq...Xry man.thnx 4 sharing.May God help you

29 Jun 2014 12:52

robert may God hea ur prayers.Come to ur situation n jus save uu.Thanx 4 sharing.

30 Jun 2014 11:24

many men have tried t befriend m but am unable to love any i feel hate men for wat they did t my sister

30 Jun 2014 11:26

Kwan Wat dd they do

4 Oct 2014 18:16

Its true tht a habit is a disease.Imagin,ihv been working as sales person in a certain company.Every day exept sunday,ihv been depositing 30k for the company.Yesterday idecided to resign and start my own bzna.Unfortunately today at 2.00 pm,i become confused and i remembered tht ihvn't deposited money as ussual.i hurried to th bank and deposited 30k to th company.kustukia nmesota na imagin thy r saying to wait aftr 2month.Akh stress zimenibamba...!!!

4 Oct 2014 20:05


7 Oct 2014 15:20


11 Dec 2014 10:34

blade chiko its awky.....No need for that.Am only tryn to help ...When people gve out what is inside them it helps them and at the same time helps those around them who hear their story ...Hope you gt me