Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - Men's logic when they see a woman?
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27 Jan 2014 21:11

Why do men c women n only think of sex?.

28 Jan 2014 07:40


28 Jan 2014 09:54

i thnk tha que shld be ansd by tha men koz they knw y...every tym i try 2 undastand y ave neva goten da ans

28 Jan 2014 13:47

that is baseless men dont think f sex at the first sight

28 Jan 2014 18:56

wemen take us wrongly. i stayed fo 4 yrs without any gal to call my lover though i had many galfrends. wueneva i call any of them even fo an outing, thats wuot came on their mind

29 Jan 2014 18:55

Nt that..thy think so bt t dpnd wid da atomic namba ya haga..if ts hgh one can think of t bt f ts kaa kiboko

30 Jan 2014 18:04
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30 Jan 2014 18:05
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30 Jan 2014 18:06
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30 Jan 2014 19:27

Dats a vry gud qsn,, cn dey tell us frankly!

31 Jan 2014 01:18

Firstly, for me it depends on the way the lady is dressed and then her figure. It seems natural, but it's not also something I like personally and I'm sure other guys also like to pass that phase as quickly as possible in order to know the lady

17 Feb 2014 20:11

dey dink lik dat coz unapata mwingine amevaa minskat akibent unaona haga nd surey unajua hauwezi jiodoa kwa hiyo kisaga but ladies wat about u?

17 Feb 2014 22:18

your dressing speaks louder than your words..dress skimpily and we think sex first

18 Feb 2014 12:41

Its not alweis tat we thnk of sex,lots of tngs do kros awa mnds not sex al te tym

18 Feb 2014 17:30

I see death weneva I see a woman

18 Feb 2014 22:35
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19 Feb 2014 01:18

if the lady iz qute btiful.dresmd and sexy wht do u think will be de 1st thing in my mind. can any lady giv me an anxer

19 Feb 2014 04:45

Nt automaticaly. Wel thnk of sex because that woman has dresd a mini skat. Ymagne a chk anatembea akionyeshana paja mpaka ju:-)

19 Feb 2014 05:22

dats vry normal 4 average man! bt it depends on de woman u c. obviously, u dont c ur mum n think of it, neither ur dota.

10 May 2014 22:31

its jus an attraction, sex is jus by the way.