Kenyan forum: TV & Movies - Looking for moderators for "TV & movies" section
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8 Jan 2014 17:41

Hello all. We are looking for moderators for "TV and movies" section of the forum.
In order to participate you must:
1. Have 3rd or higher level.
2. Be posted at least 10 interesting and valuable topics in "TV & Movies" section.
3. Have a possibility to dedicate at least 1 hour per day for forum supervision.
4. ONLY if you qualify all 3 requirements mentioned above, you can apply by posting reply to this topic. Explain in your reply WHY you want to be moderator and why we should choose you.

Moderators’ responsibilities: supervision of dedicated Forum section (edit/confirm/delete topics, ban flooders, etc.), posting of new and interesting topics.

All moderators will be granted with free Mobopoints for their help and never ending gratitude of all MoboFree team and members!
Moderators will be announced till 15.02.2014.

5 Feb 2014 10:46

I wish to apply for the post of moderator of this section...i believe i can do my best when am a moderator and make mobofree a better place to chat and share ideas. i spend most of my freetime on mobofree and i have also created several topics that are hot trending on this section.