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23 Jun 2014 16:43

Wud u liv ua gf coz she kissd sam atha guy sam mnths ago???

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24 Jun 2014 01:12
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24 Jun 2014 01:43

depends wth th typ of kiss sh did,

24 Jun 2014 13:16


24 Jun 2014 15:03

no! no! no!

24 Jun 2014 15:06

Yap coz u neva knw wat was the purpose of the kiss.why dont she kiss u instead?

25 Jun 2014 11:52

No hesitations at all.

25 Jun 2014 22:39

no she is myn if you step on mud do you cut off the foot ...thats why i wll not liv her

25 Jun 2014 22:47

Men u shldn't be xo judgeful tke ua tym t find e cause of such misconduct mayb u rn't ceriouz wd her feelinx

26 Jun 2014 20:34


27 Jun 2014 05:51

Maybe he is the other man of her side . To give a kiss to someone means u caer more about him or her.

27 Jun 2014 10:19


27 Jun 2014 11:15

For sure I wont. My cause is that, its some months ago. May be then I had not touched her life. This also can pinpoint for me the areas where am not upholding the pleasure of my love. Third, love is like a true venture where you expect laughter and tears. I wont leave her instead i will show her true passion so that henceforth, she'll eye only me.

27 Jun 2014 12:44

love Bears all things.Believes all things.Hopes all things.Endures al things.Love never ends.

27 Jun 2014 12:54

U guyz shud nt judge us by awa past....aaaai

27 Jun 2014 14:49

Fuckn s da badest bt kissin?lt ha kiss a 1000000

27 Jun 2014 22:58

Yeah i4 hi4