Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - LOOSING LOVERS.
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23 Jan 2014 12:41

How many lovers have u lost and did u know why?

24 Jan 2014 05:32

I lost two because of misunderstanding.

25 Jan 2014 23:10

Many but they's one i loose but am still in love with.

28 Jan 2014 07:41

1 nd i woz the 1 who was stupid

28 Jan 2014 09:50

lookng at my record i can xay three tha rezn being i couldnt jst do wat they wanted wich has made me xo damn toren

28 Jan 2014 19:49

stl in lv wd da one n da only

29 Jan 2014 00:12

no lover had i ever got. i only had one, the time we moved to a new town i lost her. since then i have never found a good girl like she was.

29 Jan 2014 06:55

Ilost the 1 ilv mst n 4ever he wl remain in my heart nt bcoz ilv it bt is bcz God lv him mr than me may his soul rest in peace

29 Jan 2014 12:27

@cute lady am very sorry 4 that.

29 Jan 2014 19:14

3 because of misundastanding

22 Mar 2014 14:33

But Wycliffoh u but can solve thd problem with the best one.

22 Mar 2014 17:57

3 we were not meant 2b

22 Mar 2014 20:23

i only felt lyk a loser once, n i stl fil it, i stl luv ooops!! da past is nt a gd place t stay we brok up fo a rsn ryt??

22 Mar 2014 21:52

ave lost two.the problem being that they try to test my degree of madnes coz of fuly dedicated luv to hel with ol

23 Mar 2014 00:23

2 bcoz thy missunderstod my lyf styl, bur de one whom i loved mst still remains rolling in ma brain.

23 Mar 2014 16:30

1 n bcoz he was selfish n self centerd!

23 Mar 2014 18:07

am thnkng about real evn me i lost my only lov bcz of her parents

25 Mar 2014 01:05

lost two,but stil love one of them,gave up on lv coz its hrts alot

25 Mar 2014 06:51

one coz he z a fukin asshole but am xtil inlav

25 Mar 2014 11:57

i have lst 4 lovers wenye niliwapenda sana missundurstanding ndio ilituma nikabreak na watatu huyo mmoja ilikuwa about politics coz tulikuwa tunasurpport parties tofauti.