Kenyan forum: Romance & Friendship - DO U THINK MONEY CAN BE HAPPINESS IN A RELATION?
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21 Jan 2014 09:09

most people put money first befo a relationship do you think it brings hapines in a relationship?

24 Jan 2014 13:26

Yes it can

26 Jan 2014 05:58

I don't think so

26 Jan 2014 13:29

Money can solve problems…like paying rent, and part of happiness is solving problems. I'm sure your lady will be more happy with her rent paid…but money can also be the cause of problems, figure it

28 Jan 2014 07:49

of coz tel me whos poor n hapy

28 Jan 2014 19:10

It depends on the relationship wuea one has the money whyl the other hasn't

28 Jan 2014 21:13

never ever unaweza kuwa na doo mob bt in de hao ni vita kibao

28 Jan 2014 21:29

Yeah no money no hapines,u better dye.

29 Jan 2014 17:26

Well i blv it only make thngs bcm a lttl bit easy bt buyng happiness is no.. Look arnd thn c hw sm rich families money has spoilt & ruined thm in totality.. Take a look back whn ppl used 2 enjoy happiness in marriage or in love money wasnt anywhre near.. Its was out of heart

15 Mar 2014 22:28

Money solves many problems so it brings hapines

17 Mar 2014 16:19

Yes it can in money no honey/happiness

17 Mar 2014 17:12

nop ,,,,,,,,,it cant,,,,,

17 Mar 2014 20:18

yes it cn coz whn ua problem r solved ua happy bt in smways no..

17 Mar 2014 21:14

hey i dnt think so bcoz money cn sove ur prbrms bt it will +d u more stres and prbrms getng tht money if its lve its lve

17 Mar 2014 23:00

No pliz!money can't buy happiness.

17 Mar 2014 23:11


19 Mar 2014 04:48

Some people nomally ask. Will we eat love? No there must b cash to soup up the love

19 Mar 2014 12:23

wen m so low n m pesa msg brightns me..try bin broke heheee!!

19 Mar 2014 13:29 is everythng

19 Mar 2014 13:38

money will never bring happiness! i may b xo reach bt lack peace of mind- bt i may b poor bt have peace of mind. bt talkin of moderation will b my point, nt nd tew b xo rich nor tew poor 4 me tew get happiness bt with moderation i will b happy n healthy!

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