Kenyan forum: Literature - Do You Enjoy Reading In Print, Audio Or Digital?
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8 Jan 2014 15:26

Like everyone - I've started from printed books. But growing up and facing the ever growing rise of technological advancements, I came to love and cherish reading in digital format. Though it has its disadvantages like when there is no power on your gadgets and you will yearn for that hard copy. There is also the risk of long exposure of the eye to rays from the gadgets. All in all i still prefer reading in digital format. What about you?

18 Jan 2014 21:25

For me I prefer in printed format as it displays its tangibility and sense ownership for the producer.

2 Jan 2015 23:52

i prefer digital to print but when power is out, am forced to find an extra battery for my pc

16 Feb 2015 21:38

print will do for me. the smell of paper, the tangibility of the book, and just the turning of the pages while reading just keeps me going rather than digital media that comes with a host of distractions that would take me eons to discuss on this platform. I say leave digital media for social networking.