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8 Jun 2014 17:03
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10 Jun 2014 09:35

A boss to a big company on the day of his birthday woke up very early and waited for his wife to wish him a happy birthday as he took breakfast but the wife did not.The guy waited for his kids to wish him on the same but they did not.So the guy went to his office with a downtrdden spirit.But lucky enough his secretary remembered and even gave him a gift.At lunch the secretary offered to take the guy 4 lunch.On their way to the hotel the sec offers to cook 4 the boss at her place nearby.When they gt to the secs place she tells t boss to let her change into something cosy.Minutes later the sec returns holding a birthday cake and behind her the guys wfy n kids n friends.The guy is shocked coz he is seated on the couch damn naked!!!!

10 Jun 2014 15:27
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17 Jun 2014 21:08! Da klas iz xo exitin'...I lyk it!

25 Jun 2014 17:29

Nutkiracker iyo nikali lakini huyu opiyo ako wapi atami nimtafute?

27 Jun 2014 13:31

two muffins r in an oven.1st muffin says."Damn its hot in here".2nd muffin screams."waarh!!!!a talkn muffin"

27 Jun 2014 16:16

A girl was told by her mum dat wenever anywan touchies her boomz she say don't.....And whenever touched de pussy to say stop it.wan day Dan touched her boomz and pussy at de same tyme .The gal scremed "Don't stop it!" pwahahahahaaaa

10 Jul 2014 20:43

2 atoms r talking: "Hlp,sambdy hs stolen 1 of my electrons!" "Are U sure?" "Yes,Im positive!"

9 Jan 2015 22:26

scientific finally discovered what is wrong with womans brains, on the left side there's nothing right and on the right side there's nothing left...

15 Feb 2015 20:48

a guy went 2pick his galfrend and found her galfrend's younger sis who woz hotter, she told him that she has been wantin him all along, and that they cud go upstairs and do it, th guy turned around & went 4 th door, jst then his gal came frm th nxt rum and hugged him, sayin that he hav jst passd th final test. th guy smiled & said 2himself ALWAYZ KIP THA CONDOMS IN THA CAR.

31 May 2015 08:34

Ad Rther Hyd My Post

18 Aug 2015 21:50

Kweli ki-china ni balaa. Nmeenda kwa China Mirrors kubuy kioo ya dirisha, after kukatiwa kioo nkaamua kulipa na Mpesa. Nkauliza ule mrembo mchinese alikuwa kwa counter, "What's your Mpesa Till Number plizz" akanshow; "Sex sex sex,free sex tonight" nkajua baaas,leo ntakuwa Mfalme Daudi ,,, just then Kamzee kaJing Woh kakaingia na style inakaa Tai Chi i guess !! Kakanshow "She means :6663629" I was like argh!!

8 Feb 2016 21:04

Haya wanasema gari ya wasusi bt realty iz saloon car