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28 May 2014 15:17

My woman is an actoresss. She acts on the very romantic scene in thier play. she kisses her 'man' in a very romantic style. now am confused, what shall I do coz we earn our daily bread from this play.

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4 Jun 2014 01:44

if she luvs u,she'l neva betray u

4 Jun 2014 18:29

Its painful such that when we go to bed, I always see this 'husband' beside me.

8 Jun 2014 07:09

Let me tell u this, i dont see y u r so hurt wen mayb she assured u of her luv tew u! Thats a career n thats where she wins her bread, if u concentrate on her business so much n take them seriously,, i see no prosperity in ur r/ship.

8 Jun 2014 07:15

Look at this seriously @maryam, your real man, just kissing another immagined man in your watch. surelr, maryam...

8 Jun 2014 07:19

Just kissing? Imagn thats his/her career n so long as he/she knws wat he/she's doing? I dont see any big issue there... Acha kuwa jealous tew that extend tonniey! Hey! Ul juz end up being frustated 4 nothing!

8 Jun 2014 07:31

Could these kisses be betrayal, only known to him/her.

8 Jun 2014 07:33

Thenx @Weddy, but somehow bitter

8 Jun 2014 07:41

hahaaha! my dear tonnie u r tew suspicious! hey! relax! hahaaha! ghosh!

10 Jun 2014 14:55

were is de trust ma guy.

16 Jul 2014 06:57

Some times back, I was an actor, what happened is that two guys got married exactly how they acted in their scenes. It very possible that this kissing is extended.