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23 May 2014 17:11

Dear friends,

Anything or everything in the world can be explain in the name of God or Science.Which you will prefer why?

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18 Jul 2014 13:12
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12 Oct 2014 02:05
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12 Oct 2014 04:27

If we go through our ancient texts, we can see that there is lot of limitations to God to explain'Why so?'.But the science doesn't.

22 Nov 2014 19:59 cant explain everything. it relies on facts n data. maybe bcoz its a kid. the problem of explaining everything comes in the domain of god

22 Nov 2014 20:04

personally I prefer science coz its logical n based on fact.i dont say I deny d existence of god...i just dont stick to d stories in religious text n the way they explain everything out.

18 Apr 2015 19:08

Science is developing at each moment. It will explain every aspects that confuse the scientists and monks. It will rewrite all the religious texts.

22 Jul 2015 18:09

Galileo, Darwin and others whose research challenged church dogma were branded heretics, and the polite way to reconcile science and theology was to simply agree that each would keep to its own realm: science would ask, and answer, empirical questions like "what" and "how"; religion would confront the spiritual, wondering "why."
But as science grew in authority and power beginning with the Enlightenment, this detente broke down. Some of its greatest minds dismissed God as an unnecessary hypothesis, one they didn't need to explain how galaxies came to shine or how life grew so complex.
Since the birth of the universe could now be explained by the laws of physics alone, the late astronomer and atheist Carl Sagan concluded, there was "nothing for a Creator to do," and every thinking person was therefore forced to admit "the absence of God." Today the scientific community so scorns faith, says Sandage, that "there is a reluctance to reveal yourself as a believer, the opprobrium is so severe."
Some clergy are no more tolerant of scientists. A fellow researcher and friend of Sandage's was told by a pastor, "Unless you acce

22 Jul 2015 18:10

The more deeply scientistssee into the secrets of the universe, you'd expect, the more God would fade away from their hearts and minds.
But that's not how it went for Allan Sandage. Now slightly stooped and white-haired at 72, Sandage has spent a professional lifetime coaxing secrets out of the stars, peering through telescopes from Chile to California in the hope of spying nothing less than the origins and destiny of the universe. As much as any other 20th-century astronomer, Sandage actually figured it out: his observations of distant stars showed how fast the universe is expanding and how old it is (15 billion years or so).
But through it all Sandage, who says he was "almost a practicing atheist as a boy," was nagged by mysteries whose answers were not to be found in the glittering panoply of supernovas. Among them: why is there something rather than nothing?
Sandage began to despair of answering such questions through reason alone, and so, at 50, he willed himself to accept God. "It was my science that drove me to the conclusion that the world is much more complicated than can be explained by science," he says. "It is only through the supernatural that I can understand the mystery of existence."
Something surprising is happening between those two old warhorses science and religion

22 Jul 2015 18:13

God part2 scince

22 Jul 2015 18:15

according to me there is only supreme rule ---►"stongest will servive" ....this rule includes everything ..becoz whtever your belief is if it makes you stonger then its good ...

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