Indian forum: Family & kids - How important is Support and Encouragement
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23 May 2014 17:08

Dear friends,
Have u ever feel like that,if I get more support or encouragement from my family,friends,neighbours or loving one,I will become more better or bright.

8 Jun 2014 11:04

Its a energy drink for our mind

26 Jul 2014 15:21

Its a energy drink for our mind nd lyf

22 Jul 2015 18:40

Words have such power don’t they? Especially words fed to us as we are growing up. The messages we hear through our teenage years have the potential to stay with us for decades to come.
The words I heard the most when I was a teenager were “You aren’t good enough”. At school I was the outsider, bullied and taunted every single day.
Home wasn’t too different either. My parents were right in the middle of a horrible break up. They had little time to encourage me. My Dad genuinely loved me and wanted the best for me. He wanted for me what he never had himself – academic achievement. But his way of getting the best out of me was to say what I had done wasn’t good enough.
So this phrase embedded itself in my heart. Deep in my subconscious.
The view of myself which formed, and stayed with me, was of someone who no matter how hard he worked, no matter what he achieved, was never, ever going to be good enough.
Even now, every time things even remotely go against me, there is still a voice which says
“You aren’t good enough”
This is the power of words.
It is why we need to be careful which people we listen to…and the words we use.
It’s why encouragement is so important.
Criticism, provided it’s constructive,canbe useful.
In small doses, it helps sharpen us and shows us where we can improve.
But when taken too far, it’s very dangerous.
And in my experience, people are way too quick to criticise,
and way too slow to encourage.(tweet that here)
I had a bad day recently. One of those days where everything which could go wrong, does go wrong. Small things, big things, all seem to pile on one another. We’ve all had them.
We just miss our train so we’re late for work.
We spill our coffee down our clothes.
We are discouraged by unfair criticism at work.
We get home and find we’ve run out of a key ingredient we need for dinner.
It was one of those days. I was pretty down. This ‘not good enough voice’ was getting plenty of ammunition, and inside I was having a rant at both God and myself.
But then I received a word of encouragement.